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On it's way...

  Eta: 2020-09-26
  From: St. Petersburg

AB Th. Schéle - Haulage


AB Th. Schéle is also a haulage company. Our own trailers make sure we are close to the receivers and also secures capacity when needed the most. We know the importance of effective and accurate transports when the need is urgent.

We have daily deliveries to and from the region around Gnosjö, Northern parts of Skåne and the West coast of Sweden. It is in these regions we are the strongest, and we dare promise that with us as haulier you get a cost efficient, flexible and capacity secured solution.

In our fleet we have, besides normal lorries, also special built trailers for long and heavy goods.

Our well established network of hauliers makes sure that we can find solutions for most goods to all destinations in the Nordic countries.

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